About Us

Our Mission:

Nowadays, society is all about rules and regulations. Getting older is beginning to feel like signing off on Terms and Conditions agreements — the pressure to conform to society’s contrived expectations and standardized paths looking so similar to the vague and constant website agreements we all know and hate. At T&C, we think the loss of creativity and originality is getting ridiculous, here are our Terms & Conditions:

We want to travel. We want to explore. We want to spend time discovering what we care about and channeling energy towards it. We want to break away from the traditions that trap so many. 

Terms & Conditions is the apparel arm of a creative company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. T&C aims to introduce well-designed, comfortable innovative clothing to the apparel industry. Our styles are both classic and contemporary and strive to give the wearer confidence in their own trailblazing efforts while supplying a platform for creative types to showcase their creativity.  

Join us: venture off the beaten path rewrite your Terms & Conditions. 



Terms & Conditions was founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in early 2018.  While Ann Arbor is it’s home, T&C has expanded its reach across the country with a strong presence in New York, Los Angeles, and East Lansing.


Peter Michaelides, Founder:

Peter was born and raised in Ann Arbor and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics.   He founded Terms & Conditions Apparel in 2018 with a vision to form a creative, collaborative community where talented individuals are able to express themselves and their ideas.  Peter has always been interested in fashion and design and has studied both.  There is a vision in place to expand T&C far past apparel in the future branching into more areas of the creative arts.