i am. x T&C // Donation Tee
i am. x T&C // Donation Tee
i am. x T&C // Donation Tee

i am. x T&C // Donation Tee

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i am. becoming X Terms & Conditions
Our classic T&C tee in collaboration with i am. becoming.
Get your own i am. Donation Tee created by i am. becoming.
100% of i am. becomings' proceeds go to the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide.
i am. becoming

"yo! i’m isabella ann malatesta, but better known as iam.becoming. i got the inspiration for my blog from my initials (iam) and because i had a crappy, unfair reputation in high school. my original intention was to set the record straight. i wanted everyone to know that i was not going out partying on weekends, but actually doing puzzles with my mom.  talking about the challenges i faced in high school made me realize that other people can relate to my experiences and were even benefiting from reading my posts.

i would describe my brand as real. the things i talk about on my page are real and the clothes i produce are made by real people.

my intention with these shirts is to empower not only the person that wears it but the people around them as well. because no matter what you put after the phrase “i am,” it's going to be powerful."


USA made, 100% premium cotton